Thursday, May 15, 2008

McDonald County Candidates

Six weeks prior to May 15th I mailed the above questions to all Twenty-Seven Candidates who filed for office in McDonald County Missouri. Below is a list of those who did not respond.
For Office of Assessor:
Laura Pope; Paul Sprenkle
For Office of Coroner:
Tracy Down; BJ Goodwin III; Doc Halverson
For Office of Eastern Commissoner:
Loren Garren;Sam Gaskill; Beverly Longnecker;Scott Sanders; Joe Stephens; Darrell Watson
For Office of Public Administrator:
Joyce Cruikshank;Donna Underwood
For Office of Sheriff:
John Bunch; Luap Mckeever; Iven Russell; Jeff Sutherland; Gregg Sweeten
For Office of Surveryor:
Travis Green
For Office of Western Commissoner:
Gayle Brock; Paul Gardner; Ronald Walker
The questions I personally have of the non-responders are:
1. Do you not believe the citizens of McDonald County deserve a response?
2. Do you believe that political cronies will get you elected and not the people?
3. Are these simple questions too confusing?
4. Do you hold the "ordinary" citizens in such contempt that you refuse to respond?
This statement is my own and does not reflect the views of any candidate, policital party, or organization.
I would like to express my appreciation to the patriotic candidates who did respond.

Monday, May 12, 2008

McDonald Co. Candidates

Eastern Commissioner: Clarence "Bud" Scott

l. It was founded as a Republic. A Republic is headed by a President and not a King. A Republic is suppose to take in concern all the people. A Democracy is to rule by the majority.
2. I have seen issues brought in the county that are not in the best interest of most of the county as proven by how they vote.
3. I have 36 years in the Construction Industry with over 20 years in Supervising men and women. In Supervising, you not only have personnel but you hve to help manage the budget for the project.
4. Yes. As long as the training does not put them under Federal Jurisdiction. They need the training but they still need to be controlled by the Sheriff's Department.
5. I think having the Sheriff's Dept. come under Civil Service would keep a more professional force that would be committted to the County. As for a Civil Service Commission, I think it would need to be an elected, not for pay position so that it does not become another "good ole boys" club.
6. At present the county budget has increased 8 times in size in the last seven years. The population has not increased that much. I know overall it costs more for everything but not that much. We need to look at all the departments to make sure we don't have excess personnel. When we spend money we need to make sure we are getting what we need and not something we just want. When we do something with the roads we need to do the work so that it lasts. If it takes a few more years to get our roads, Chip and Sealed, so be it. We need to evaluate all employees' of the County to be sure we have the best for the money that we can pay as a County.
7. The answer is No. If any business wants to build in our County, they see where it will benefit them so they will include in their budget any Red Light hat will help them.
Question for All Candidates- Bud Scott
1. Yes. I still refer back to them on some questions.
2. Yes. If there is something that I don't agree with, I would go to the body of Government that has the power to change to ask for help.
3. Yes. With our present Federal Government all the Amendments have ways around them. It is not right but it will take a unified people to change it.
4. Yes. Without exception how it was originally wrote.
5. Yes. If they are already a law. If the law is not a good one, then we need to get it changed.
6. Yes. It is costing our country more than just money. It is costing us our freedom because of new laws to control them in effect controls all of us.
7. Yes. It disrupts family and community welfare.
8. To survive in todays economy every one needs to pull together.
9. Yes. The County Government needs to remember who voted them in to do for them and not the State or Federal Government.
10. No. The way it was stated it was a new tax that would be with us forever.
11. Yes. If it is something that really is needed not jsut wanted it needs to be presented so the taxpayes will approve it.
12. B. Less Government D. Less Taxes Overall people want the County Government tow work for everyone and not a selected few. People object to more government if everyone is not on an even playing field.
13. No. They need to know their County citizens so they can spread work to incompass everyone.
14. You can't put everything on the ballot because of the cost for each and every election. You could put on the ballot a one time issue to set a standard percent raise based on true cost of living. (The percentage the Social Security uses.)
15. It needs to be made what is considered a large expentiture that is not part of the standard budget for the County. When you elect your County Commissoners you need to remeber you put them in charge of your money.
16. It belongs to the government that you elected to take care of it for you.
17. You need to remeber that grant money is in reality your money controlled by who you voted into office. There are always strings attached to them so you need to let your conscience be your guide.
18. Yes. You need 3 people there all the time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

McDonald County Candidates

Sheriff Postion- Tom Coble
Answers to Sheriff questions:
1. Republic. Democracy is majority rule/Republic is by the people for the people.
2. 20 yrs. service, about 7 yrs Asst Chief
3. To help the people, and to put the Sheriff Department and the City Police Department together.
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. This is a maybe
7. BDU's and camoflage out in the woods or survalance, boots o.k., black jeans and dress uniforms
8. I would fix it to have coffee through me or the Dept. No lunches
9. Reserves payed when they work and try to get better pay and benefits for officers that are full time.
All Candidates questions.
1. yes
2. entireity
3. yes
4. yes
5. yes
6. yes
7. yes
8. yes
9. yes
10. No, I don't think we need it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

McDonald County Candidates

Milton Wolf: Answers to Western Commissoner Questions
1. A Representatiave Republic. Our Reps make decisions for us. A true Democracy elects leaders by majority rule.
2. I can do the job and no one is better qualified.
3. I have operated my own business w/o government assistance.I worked in the office equipment and supply business for 35 years. For 10 years I owned a office furniture and design firm in Joplin. Served on Joplin City Council. I served the city of Noel, MO. for 8 years as Firefighter, Fire Chief, Fire Commissioner, Emergency Management Director, Flood Plain Manager, Building Inspector, City Engineer, and Deputy City Clerk.
I attended Joplin High School and Missouri Southern State College (now MSSU).I served 5 years in the 203rd battallion MoNg and 4 years in the USAF Stragetic Air Command 340th bomb wing.
4. I would take a long, hard look at the program, its costs and the Federal Govenment involvement.
5. It sounds like a good idea, but I will have to check into the cost and benefits for the tax payer. Can a 3rd/4th class county do this?
6. I have no axe to grind and not plan to make operations changes. I will have to take some time to review all phases of operations.
7. There is already a red light on the road next to Wal-mart at 71 highway.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Answers to McDonald Candidates Questionnaire

Please refer to Questionnaire form for the political candidates in McDonald County.
SHERIFF POSITION: Brandon Beshears
1. The United States is, indeed, a Republic, not a Democracy.Accurately defined, a Democracy is a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly. A Republic, on the other hand, is a system in which the people choose representatives, who, in turn, make policy decisions on their behalf.
2. I have 13 years of law enforcement experience with four of those years as a chief administrator of police department. I was hired with the Anderson Police Department and continued with this department a little over 6 years reaching the rank of Chief Investigator. I served one year as Lanagan Police Chief. I was Granby Police Chief for over three years.
3. To change the image and operations of the McDonald County Sheriff's Dept. and to provide fair, honest, and professional law enforcement services to the people.
4. Yes, the more training a deputy can get, the more efficient the department will be.
5. Yes, but only under standard Law Enforcement Civil Service Exams.
6. Yes, a physical agility test will be implemented during the hiring process along with a complete applicant
background investigation including credit reports, etc. A written exam, medical exam, and psychological testing will be conducted on all applicants. A physical agility program will be established and exams conducted on an annual basis on all the departments' road deputies and jailers.
7. All County Deputies while in the performance of their duties, will be dressed in department issued uniform shirt and pant, with a department approved white under shirt only and black uniform boots or shoes (no ball caps). At no time will a deputy or reserve deputy conduct normal (official) business out of uniform. This alsocoincides with my decision that all personnel while conducting any type of traffic control or traffic enforcement will use only a properly marked identifiable patrol vehicle. No more private owned multi-colored vehicles will be conducting traffic stops if I am elected to this office.
8. No deputy will accept gratuities in any capacity. A deputy will make an attempt to pay for his or her drinks,
eats, etc. If a deputy is caught accepting fee drinks or lunches without making an attempt to pay for it, a written counseling or reprimand statement will be filed for the first offense.
9. My ethics background and professionalism in law enforcement is well known in several counties in the Southwest Missouri area, which will help attract well qualified applicants and reserves.I will also work on implementing new technology for the department and find ways to improve the current pay, insurance and retirement benefit packages for the employees. As for the recruiting of reserves or new applicants a job fair will be introduced at the Police Academy on the campus of the Missouri Southern University.
All Candidates Questionnaire:
1. Yes
2. I support the Constitution of Missouri and the United States in its entirety. I am under oath.
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes, however, I do feel discretion should apply on certain laws.
6. Yes, but no worse than any other county or state
7. Yes, unfortunately illegal drugs are an issue throughout the United States, not just McDonald County.
8. Yes I do.
9. Yes
10. I am not clear on what you are asking with this question. Are you asking if I feel this Use Tax was good or the fact that it was rejected twice is good?
11. It depends. If the plan could provide a clearer and an informative justification for the ballot issue the second time, then I'd say yes. In my opinion, if the Use Tax had been explained thoroughly to the citizens and a plan to terminate the Use Tax after a period of time for the project had been presented, I feel it would have passed.
12. For the county side of this question, I feel that we need more local specialized ordinances for the county.
13. No. New minds add new ideas.
14. No.
15. Yes
16. People
17. Grants are beneficial; however, regulations do apply and sometimes lead to expensive long term commitment. I don't feel all grants should be overlooked for certain funding.
18. Yes
1. The United States was founded as a Republic. No doubt about that. A Republic is a form of government where the citizens elect representatives to their government to conduct the business of government. A true Democracy is when every person has an equal voice in every issue. Not a very efficient way to conduct a national government which has grown as large as ours has.
2. The skills and experience I will bring to the job of Sheriff of McDonald County include a prior tem as Sheriff of the same county. I also bring a total of 19 years of law enforcement as of the 8th of April of this year. I have earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration as well as an A. S. in Law Enforcement both from Missouri Southern in Joplin. I also attended the University of Tulas Law School for one year back in 1994/95, but decided that I didn't want to be an Attorney and that I missed Law Enforcement too much.
I worked for four years at the Noel Police Department. I worked at the Marshal/Chief in Pineville when Lloyd Perkins retired, then moved to Barry County Sheriff's Office in Cassville as a detective in 1994 where I have been ever since other than my term in McDonald County Sheriff. I am currently a detective with the Barry County Sheriff's Office.
3. I would like to be elected Sheriff of McDonald County because I feel that I have a lot to offer by serving in that position. I want to be able to serve my home county in a position that I have been trained for.
4.Would I have my deputies I.C.E. certified? This is one of those questions that does not have a simple answer. It depends on the costs and availability of the training as well as the prospective cooperation that we would receive from the Federal Government in enforcing Federal Immigration Laws.
5. Would I have my deputies civil service qualified? No, as a former Sheriff, I can tell you that while most deputies are hard working and honest and want nothing more than to be an honest cop, there are those few who are not. I would not wnat to get saddled with the previous Sheriff's trash and not have a way to get rid of them.
6. Physical fitness and weight control programs are good ideas for law enforcement.
7. I believe that law einforcement officers should look like law enforcemnet officers. I don't like black uniforms or BDU's for everyday wear. There's a place for BDU's but is is not for everyday patrol. Manhunts, marijuana eradication, river patro, etc. but it is not the image that a professional law enforcement organization should project.
8. Gratuities. Ok, her;s one that is complex. Not complicated but it needs a little more that a short answer. I don't think an officer should accept gratuities unless it is the business' blanket policy to give a discount to all police, fire, EMS, etc. personnel.
9. Attracting qualified personnel. Fo some time now, McDopnald County and its cities have been training grounds for larger and better paying police agencies. I don' know what the answer is to that problemother than to pay better to keep the good ones around. I think as Sheriff, it would be my responsibility to try to make the work environment the best it can be and to be supportive of my personnel and expect no less of them.
1. I have studied the Constituions of Missouri and the United States in High School, College, and Law School as well as our various legal updates that I have attended through my continuing education as a law enforcement officer.
2. I support the Constitution of our country and our state in its entirety.
3. I support the Bill of Rights in its entirety.
4. I support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. You ask if I support it without excetion. My feelings are that convicted felons, mentally unstable people and habitual users of dangerous drugs should not be in possesion of firearms. I feel that we have more than enough gun control laws on the books as it is and they are not enforce with any degree of regularity. I am all for the common citizen being allowed to carry a firearm concealed upon their person.
5. I do believe that there is an illegal immigration problem in McDonald County. I understand that most of the immigrants in McDonald County want nothing more than a better life than what they had in their home country, but I also understand that the U.S. is a nation of laws and while I may have some sympathy to their plight. I still understand that it is a violation of law for them to unlawfully enter into and remain in the U.S.
7. I believe that there is an illegal drug problem in McDonald County as well as in the rest of the State and counties.
8. I believe that all county agencies as well as state, city and federal need to work together for the common good.
9. I do believe that we can work with state and federal agencies without be subjugated.
10.I believe that the Use Tax that was twice voted down was a good idea, but maybe on that either was not wanted by the people of McDonald County, or not understood by the same people. Even though I think it was a good idea, the people have spoken twice on the issue and it is now a moot point.
11. I think that once a ballot issue has been put to the people one time, then it should be a reasonable amount of time before it is re-submitted.
12. Less Government, less taxes and ordinances, and laws should address a real need. I also think that when an ordinance or law has outlives its usefulness, it should be repealed and done away with.
13. I believe that the County Commissioners should appoint the best qualified people whio are willing to serve to the boards and commissions. To me, this means that if it is the same people over and over, the so be it.
14. Elected officials are not ow able to give themselves pay raises other that acting as a salary commission on the county level.
15. I believe that large expeditures of public money should be made public prior to the spending.
16. County money belongs to the people of McDonald County and is entrusted to the County Government for its use to provide governmental services. No question and no elaboration needed on this point.
17. Federal grants ca be a very good thing They can help a governmental organization start, fund , operate and complete a project with much less difficulty in finding funding for big ticket projects.
18. Yes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Questionnaire For McDonald County Political Candidates

The following questions are being mailed to each candidate of all parties. When completed and returned the responses (or lack of) will be posted on a website and distributed by other means, by hand, bulletin boards, etc. Fill out only the portions which pertain to the position for which you are running.


1. Was the United States founded as a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

2. Why are you interested in the the job?

3. What are your qualifications? Financial, administrative, leadership, etc.?

4. Would you fund a program for county deputies to be I.C.E. certified?

5. Would you work to have the Sheriff's Department under Civil Service to include appointing a local Civil Service Commission?

6. What plans do you have to save the taxpayers' money and improve operations within McDonald County?

7. Would you appropriate money for a red light for Wal-Mart?


1. Was the United States founded as a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

2. What experience/skills would you bring to this job, administrative, law enforcement background, leadership, etc.?

3. Why do you want this job?

4. Would you work to have your deputies I.C.E. certified?

5. Would you work to have your department Civil Service qualified?

6. Would you as Sheriff activate a physical fitness and weight control program within your department, to include testing, etc.?

7. What is your attitude about Deputies accepting gratuities in any capacity, (i.e. free lunches, coffee, etc.)?

9. How would you work to attract qualified and dedicated law enforcement personnel to include more reserves?


1. Was the United States founded as a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

2. Why do you want this job?

3. What are your qualifications, leadership, administrative, etc?

4. Do you believe in a fair and equitable assessment of all citizens of McDonald County regardless of race, creed, color or social standing?


1. Was the United States founded as a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

2 Why do you want this job?

3. What are your qualifications, leadership, administrative, etc?


1. Was the United States founded as a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

2. Why do you want this job?

3. What are your qualifications, leadership, administrative, etc?


1. Have you studied the Constitution of Missouri and the United States?

2. Do you support the Constitution of Missouri and the United States in its entirety or just selected parts of these documents?

3. Do you support the Bill of Rights in its entirety?

4. Do you support the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights? Without exception?

5. Do you believe that all of the laws of Missouri and the United States should be enforced?

6. Do you believe illegal immigration is a problem within this county?

7. Do you believe illegal drugs are a problem within this county?

8. Do you believe that the various county agencies should work together for the common good without interdepartmental squabbling?

9. Do you believe that county government should work closely with respective State and Federal agencies, but not be subordinate to the above?

10. Do you think the twice rejected USE TAX was good? Why or Why not?

11. Do you believe that once a ballot issue such as taxes is rejected two or three times the issue should be dropped indefinitely?

12. Do you think we need: (circle choices)

A. More Government

B. Less Government

C. More Taxes

D. Less Taxes

E. More ordinances

F. Less ordinances

13. Do you believe the County Commissioners should continue to appoint the same individuals to the various boards, committees, etc.?

14. Do you believe elected county officials should have the authority to give themselves a pay raise without putting the raise on the ballot?

15. Do you believe that large expenditures should have prior publication in the local newspaper and public hearings conducted prior to the expenditure?

16. Do you believe that county money would belong to the government or to the people?

17. What is your feeling on Federal grants? Should we be aware of the strings attached to these grants? Should we avoid grants?

18. If you became ill or unable to perform you elected job, would you resign and ask the Governor or other authority to appoint someone else?

Questionnaire submitted by : John P. Fitts: 40 P.O.W.-M.I.A. Lane; Noel, MO.

64854; telephone: (417) 475-3841, e-mail: